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As a producer and supplier, we at Fortuin always think in terms of possibilities. Take advantage of our nearly 180 years of experience developing various types of candy. Our experts are happy to think along with you. From cough drops to sugar hearts and from peppermint balls to tiny mints. We can easily launch a new brand on the market, for the best price. Do you want to know more? Our experts are happy to think along with you.

Create your own product

At Fortuin we have various production- and packaging options. We offer options to create or expand your own private label, and also for adding new products to your existing label. We even offer the option to create products with your own logo or print.

Fortuin can offer you (nearly) all product and flavour combinations and quality and reliability are our top priorities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Want to know more? Ask our experts!

Nico van der Wal, National account manager Fortuin

+31519 123 456 | [email protected]

Quality & Food Safety

Quality and reliability are top priorities at Fortuin. We work according to strict protocols and comply with the highest international standards for food safety and quality.

As leading confectionery producer, Fortuin guarantees that their processes comply with the highest international food safety and quality standards. Maintaining food safety and quality is deeply rooted in the organization, and all managers and employees are passionate about it. The highest possible certifications have been granted by the BRC (AA) and the IFS (higher level).

An innovative idea yourself?

Rene Alkema, Commercieel Directeur Fortuin

+31 (0)519 – 29 44 55 | [email protected]