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Fortuin believes that it is important for visitors of the website to know what cookies are placed by our website, what the purpose of these cookies is, and what the storage period for these cookies is. Fortuin wants to guarantee your online privacy as well as the user-friendliness of our website as much as possible. That is why this cookie statement will give you more information about the various cookies that we use on our website, and all information relating to these cookies. 

What are cookies? 
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. In these text files, information is saved about your visit to the website. The saved information is recalled when you visit again, including your preferences and interests. 

Your preferences 
Of course, you are free to choose to disable cookies. However, it is important to you are aware that we cannot guarantee that our website will function optimally if you disable cookies. Below, you will find instructions to disable cookies for the 4 most common browsers: 

Functional cookies 
Functional cookies are a technical requirement for our website to function properly, and they make it easier for you to use our website. Navigation is also easier, and your settings and/or preferences are remembered when you visit the website again. Without these cookies, the website cannot function properly. 

Analytical cookies 
Analytical cookies are cookies that are used to collect statistics on how visitors use our website. The insights that we obtain in this way, help us to improve the website. We use the following services for this purpose: 
Google Analytics: this gives us insight into the way visitors use our website, which pages are visited most frequently and what visitors click on while they are using the website. We have signed a processing agreement with Google. This means that your data is shared anonymously, that the data cannot be traced back to you, and that your data cannot be used by third parties. We place the following cookies for this purpose: 

  • __utma = Cookie that can distinguish between users and sessions, generating statistics about website traffic. Storage time is 2 years. 
  • __utmb = Cookie to determine new sessions and visits, generating statistics about website traffic. Storage time is 30 minutes. 
  • __utmc = Cookie to determine new sessions and visits, generating statistics about website traffic. Storage time is one session. 
  • __utmt = Cookie to process user requests, generating statistics about website traffic. Storage time is 10 minutes. 
  • __utmv = Cookie to save variable data based on visitor level, generating statistics on website traffic. Storage time is 2 years. 
  • __utmz = Cookie to log the traffic generator or campaign that led users to the website. Storage time is 6 months. 

Google: these cookies are placed by Google after permission from the website visitor. These cookies save visitors’ preferences, they offer protection against unauthorised access, and they provide insight into what media deployed by Google Ads is effective, among other things. We place the following cookies for this purpose: 

  • 1P_JAR = These cookies allow Google to remember that users have accepted the cookies of this service. Storage time is a maximum of 2 years. 
  • NID = These cookies are used by Google to remember preferred settings and measure functions on our website, among other things. Storage time is a maximum of 2 years. 
  • HSID = Preferences are stored per visitor, and used to gather website statistics and keep track of conversion ratios and Google advertisement personalization. Storage time is a maximum of 2 years. 

ReCaptcha: ReCaptcha is a security function from Google, to make sure that our contact form are used by real people and not bots. These cookies are placed to avoid spam: 

  • SIDCC = To remember preferred settings and evaluate the uses of the ReCaptcha module on our website. Storage time is 3 months. 
  • SAPISID = To remember preferred settings and evaluate the uses of the ReCaptcha module on our website. Storage time is 2 years. 
  • APISID = To remember preferred settings and evaluate the uses of the ReCaptcha module on our website. Storage time is 2 years. 
  • SID = To remember preferred settings and evaluate the uses of the ReCaptcha module on our website. Storage time is 2 years. 

For third party cookies (Google Analytics, Google Ads and ReCaptcha), we advise you to check the privacy policy of each of these companies for the details. Please note: we cannot influence the contents of these statements and policies in any way, nor the contents of third party cookies. This means that the information in the diagrams above is subject to change by the parties that own the cookies. 

Right of access, correction or removal 
As a visitor of our website, you have the right to request access to and correction or removal of your personal data. You can send your request for access, correction or removal to [email protected]. In order to make sure that you are the one requesting access, we ask you to include a copy of your identification document. Fortuin will respond to your request within four weeks. If the personal data you are requesting access to is linked to a cookie, please include a copy of the cookie in question. You will find the cookie in your browser settings. 

Due to continuous changes, our cookie statement may be altered at any time. That is why we recommend checking the cookie statement frequently, in order to remain up to date. If you have any questions with regard to our cookie statement, you can contact Fortuin: 

Fortuin Dockum B.V. 
PO Box 31 
9100 AA Dokkum 
+31 519 – 29 44 55 
[email protected] 

This statement was last edited on 14 November 2018. 

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