The versatile range of Wilhelmina

Royal flavour since 1892

Fortuin made Wilhelmina peppermints in 1892 for the anniversary of Fortuin and Queen Wilhelmina’s 12th birthday. And they were a hit. Thanks to these peppermints, Fortuin became purveyors to the Dutch royal household, and they have become an integral part of many a store’s range.

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Get to know Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina has a versatile range. From single packs to bags, and from anniversary tins to salty liquorice; they all have the Wilhelmina label. And new products are added frequently, as a result of continuous innovation.  

For all ages
Dutch pride
High quality

Sustainable innovation 

For all of our brands, including Wilhelmina, we are constantly innovating. With regard to flavour, but also when it comes to packaging options. Since the single packs of Wilhelmina have sustainable packaging, we have realized a plastic reduction of no less than 14,512 kg per year. And by selling these single packs in a dispenser made of cardboard, we can add a plastic reduction of 8,282 kg per year to that, so 22,794 kg in total. We are very proud of that.

Make use of the possibilities   

Would you like Wilhelmina on your own shelves, or do you want to develop a Wilhelmina product? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. As producer and supplier, we are happy to think along with you.

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