Discover the extensive range of D.F. (Double Forte)

Twice as strong

At Fortuin, we have been making various confectionery products since 1842. We do this for private labels, but also for our own brands. Our brand D.F. started out with just English peppermints, and by now it has grown into a label with a wide range of options. From after dinner mints to cough drops, and from salty liquorice tablets to fruity hearts. All of the highest quality.

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Get to know our extensive range 

D.F.’s current range includes:  

  • Peppermints 
  • After dinner mints 
  • Salty liquorice tablets  
  • Cough drops  
  • Fruity hearts  

The history of the D.F. brand 

Fortuin started with the production of D.F. peppermints, as soon as we expanded our production capacity from chocolate and cookies to include the production of peppermints. We have been expanding the brand and the range for years, and by now D.F. has a lot more to offer than just peppermints.  

The name D.F. is short for the French ‘Double Forte’, which means double as strong. A fitting name, because these English peppermints were twice as strong as the Dutch version. So D.F. does not stand for ‘Dokkum Fortuin’, like a lot of people still think.

Make use of the possibilities

We love to make use of our many years of experience in the field of peppermints and confectionery. For our own products and brands, but also for private labels.  

Do you want to use the D.F. brand or our production options? As a reliable producer and supplier, we are happy to think along with you.

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