About Fortuin, mint experts

Since 1842, we have had a global reputation as peppermint and confectionery experts. A position that we are very proud of, and that we work hard for every day. We are market leaders in the field of peppermints, and thanks to the Wilhelmina brand we have had the predicate of purveyors to the Dutch royal household since 1896.  

We produce and supply perfect confectionery products and are constantly innovating to get the best results. We are both producer and supplier, so that we can offer you as our (future) client the best service.  

At Fortuin, we strive for 

  • Quality, with the highest certifications for quality and food safety 
  • Innovation, for excellent products for our clients. 
  • The best products, thanks to first-class production options. 
  • International opportunities for our clients, thanks to our international network 
  • Production that is increasingly sustainable, for example thanks to paper packaging. 

Thanks to the latest production techniques, we are able to comply with all the current market requirements. On a national and international level. Whether you are looking for a mint classic or want sweets with a fruity flavour, we are happy to find the best options for you.  

Since 1842

Fortuin products comply with the highest food safety requirements. We have the highest international certifications, including BRC, IFS, Halal, RSPO and GMP+. As a leading party in the food sector, we implemented the HACCP standard as far back as the nineties, long before it became a requirement. And still professionalism, innovation and quality assurance are our top priorities in everything we do.

We like to think along!

Rene Alkema, Commercieel Directeur Fortuin

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