Find the right packaging

A good product deserves the right packaging. The right packaging makes the expiry date reliable, and makes products even more attractive for consumers or buyers. That is why Fortuin goes beyond offering you perfect confectionery, we also provide packaging.  

We always have a packaging solution to fit your product and organisation. Our experts are happy to help.  

Selection of the options 

Verpakkingsmogelijkheden Fortuin

The image below shows a selection of our packaging options. Not seeing what you need? Feel free to contact our sales department. We are happy to provide more information about the options and private label possibilities at Fortuin.  

Make use of our short lines of communication and our knowledge as a producer and supplier. So that you will have a product and packaging that you can be proud of as a retailer or purchaser.  

Choose sustainability 

More and more of our products are getting sustainable packaging. With our Wilhelmina peppermints in single packs, for example, we are realizing a plastic reduction of 14,512 kg per year. And by offering these single packs in a dispenser made of cardboard, we can add a plastic reduction of 8,282 kg per year.  

That is no less than 22,794 kg less plastic per year! On top of that, the new paper packaging is biodegradable, if it does fall out of your pocket. Good for our planet. 

Choose sustainability

Rene Alkema, Commercieel Directeur Fortuin

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