Discover the possibilities for your private label

Would you like to develop a private label or add a new product to an existing line? Thanks to our many years of experience, Fortuin can offer you (nearly) all product and flavour combinations. As producer and supplier, we are happy to think along with you.  

  • Many flavour options 
  • Various shapes 
  • Plenty of packaging options 

A few of our techniques and products can be found on this page, but feel free to inquire after specific options for your brand. 

With your own logo or print (cut-outs) 

Looking for a product with your own logo or print? To make these products, we use the production method of cut-outs. With cut-outs, we can make products with a symbol, logo or texts pressed into them. We call this production method ‘cut-outs’, because we create a long slab of dough and cut various shapes from it.

Then these pieces of dough are stamped with words, a symbol or a logo, and punched out into the shape you want. Such as a round, square or heart-shaped candy.

With this technique, we can make the following products: Hearts, D.F. Peppermints, salty liquorice tablets, cough drops.

Smooth tablets (Compression)  

Aside from cut-outs, we also have a lot of products in our compression line. With compression products we mix the ingredients, and then it depends on the product what we do with this mixture. Some products are compressed with high pressure by a machine right after mixing, but there are also products for which we make a special granulate first. We leave this granulate in the oven for a night first (to dry), before using high pressure to compress it into shape. 

Compression examples: Wilhelmina peppermints, sugar-free peppermint tablets 

With a soft core (Cooking)

At the cooking department we heat sugar up in large pots, to create a hot and fluid mass. This mass is then kneaded by a machine for a while, and then it is “pulled” into a long strand. Next, it is cut into small pieces, depending on the product. The products, such as the pillows and peppermint balls, get really hard at first. After a few days the core will become softer, we call this method “doorgrijnen”. 

Examples for cooking products: Peppermint balls and pillow, and hard candy like Salty liquorice balls can also be made at the cooking department. 

With a hard coat of sugar (Sugarcoating)

Some sweets are even better with a hard, crunchy coat. At the sugar-coating department, we give products like peppermint balls and mini mints a layer of sugar. So they will be crunchy on the outside.  

Product examples: peppermint balls and Mini mints  

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