Fortuin quality assurance

Quality and reliability are top priorities at Fortuin. We work according to strict protocols and comply with the highest international standards for food safety and quality.

Quality & Food Safety 

As leading confectionery producer, Fortuin guarantees that their processes comply with the highest international food safety and quality standards. Maintaining food safety and quality is deeply rooted in the organization, and all managers and employees are passionate about it. The highest possible certifications have been granted by the BRC (AA) and the IFS (higher level). 

Quality certificates  

At Fortuin, we pay close attention to hygiene during production, and we check the raw materials and logistical processes. We do this with the help of the HACCP system. The HACCP system provides insight into the risks and describes control measures. The government (NVWA) inspects the presence of and compliance with a HACCP system.  

The IFS (International Featured Standards) is the international standard for global production. This standard covers eight different food and non-food standards with regard to food safety and quality, inspecting the supply chain process. Fortuin has received the highest possible certification (IFS).  

Fortuin has received the highest possible BRCGS certification. BRCGS stands for British Retail Consortium Global Standard and guarantees product quality. This standard is important for organisations in the food industry, since it is a guarantee for food safety and quality.

Since 2016, it is possible for organisations to get a halal certification. This certification has national and international advantages. A halal certification lets Muslims know whether or not certain products meet their requirements.  

Purchasing quality labels

Sustainable palm oil (RSPO)   
We purchase sustainable palm oil (RSPO). Thanks to RSPO, there are international agreements to strive for fully sustainable palm oil.  

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