Peppermint balls in a variety of flavours

Our Peppermint balls are available in a lot of flavours. When it comes to colours and fillings, there are more options than you can even imagine. As producer and supplier, Fortuin is happy to help you optimise your range.  

About Peppermint balls – production options 

For our Peppermint balls, we offer various options:  

  • Various flavours possible 
  • Various colours possible 
  • Various fillings possible 
  • Flavour combinations possible (difference in flavour of the inside and outside) 

Packaging options  

These are the packaging options for this product:

  • Pillow bag
  • Quadro seal
  • Doy pack
  • Block bottom bag

Ask the experts  

At Fortuin, we make products of the highest quality. Please contact us to discuss the options. Our mint experts are happy to help. 

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Nico van der Wal, Nationaal accountmanager Fortuin

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