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All our possibilities in your packing

As the world’s expert private label bakery, we’ve been baking hundreds of types of cookies, bars and bites for brands all over the world. We use our 160 years of experience to help you create the perfect private label. Our experts can advise you with anything from packaging to flavors en mouthfeel.

Would you like to make use of our knowledge in developing a private label? Or add a product to an existing label? Our experts in the field of cookies, bars and bites are happy to help you!

Brand new: Your private label brand with cookies, bars & bites

Private label cookies, bars and bites manufactured by Fortuin

  • Benefit from years of knowledge and experience. We are able to produce nearly any type of biscuit.
  • Comply with the strictest food safety requirements.
  • Benefit from Fortuin’s experience and knowledge of the international market.
  • Are made with the best of the best – from the latest production techniques to packaging option.

Seize the opportunities

At Fortuin, we can make almost any biscuit thanks to our modern production techniques and continuous innovation. We do this on commission, but we also get to work when we see opportunities ourselves. We always see a chance to shine brighter. For this, we regularly cross national borders – we currently operate in 91 countries. 

There’s a great chance that you’ve have eaten one of our private label products without realising it! 

Discover the possibilities

Do you have an idea for a new biscuit, bar or bite? Fantastic! We love a challenge. Not only do we know how to turn an idea into a delicious baked good, our experts are also happy to advise on the possibilities in the areas of taste, production and packaging. Every market is different and has its own quirks; our experts know them all. 

Are you developing your own private label or would you like to know more about the possibilities? 

Our promises
Sustainable From green energy to cardboard packaging
One-stop shop Everything you could wish for from the same bakery
Natural ingredients Always the best ingredients
Quality standard Every cookie matters
Food safety Check, check, and check again
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Nico van der Wal, Nationaal accountmanager Fortuin

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